I developed L’ANZA PROFESSIONAL for the independent professional hairstylist. The application was developed for both iPhone and Blackberry platforms to assist the professional independent hairstylist to conduct their business of beauty “chairside and wireless”.

After two years of development, the L’ANZA Healing Hair Care Line had believed enough in the application to apply their name to it and take it to a global market. Currently many hairstylists around the world use L’ANZA PROFESSIONAL to conduct their business in a more professional manner daily. To all my fellow hairstylists—I would like to say thank you for making L’ANZA PROFESSIONAL what it is today.

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L’ANZA PROFESSIONAL is the most powerful “chairside and wireless” business tool of it’s kind.

L’ANZA PROFESSIONAL can be downloaded in less than 5 minutes, and with a simple wave or click of a finger hairstylists can now conduct their business of hair design “chairside and wireless”.

Designed by a hairstylist for the hairstylist.

Never in our industry has an individual hairstylist been able to achieve this level of performance in their business.

Independent hairstylists can now effectively run and manage their:
• Appointments: Add, view, and edit
• Client Records: Add, view, and edit the customer and their history
• Formulas: Add, view, and edit your clients’ formulations
• Reports: Generate detailed sales, retail, and growth reports. Reports can be emailed directly to your email account.
• Point of Sale: So powerful, it allows the independent hairstylist to process credit cards chairside and wirelessly Note: Purchaser must complete application from
• Text, Call, and Email: Straight from the contact list.
• Order on Demand: A L’ANZA EXCLUSIVE, allows the stylist to place their restock order from a list of our entire product line and place your order directly from the application . Once your order is completed, select email and your order is directly submitted to your account representative for fulfillment and shipping.
• Wireless Syncing: A L’ANZA EXCLUSIVE, the stylist can now sync all their information wirelessly. Simply choose upload daily from the sync feature and all your information is safe and stored in our secure server . In the event of a catastrophic lose of information all you need to do is select upload from the sync feature and all information is restored wirelessly, it’s that simple.

L’ANZA PROFESSIONAL is to the independent hairstylist what the desktop PC is to the largest commissioned-based salons.

Finally, we can now bridge the gap and discard the antiquated business methods and move to a more professional—as well as profitable—future.

We combined beauty and technology and produced a very powerful tool for the independent hairstylist.

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